Tree Pruning

Have you ever thought about the difference between the trees in the forests and the trees from our own backyards? If you haven’t, let us tell you a key aspect of it: the freedom. In the forest, trees can stretch their branches as high as they will grow, while sending old and weak limbs down to the floor. Unfortunately, we don’t have the same liberty in our gardens and streets. Yes, we want them to look natural and to grow strong, but we don’t want them to become a safety risk! And that is when the tree pruning comes in.

Advantages from Tree Pruning Services

Tree pruning restores the beauty of your tree and it is a fundamental component of your adequate yard maintenance. If you do it regularly, you can even protect your tree from occasional storm damage or the risk of falling branches or limbs. This would not only help the tree itself, but also your house and householders from any potential injuries. How? By properly eliminating deadwood and crossover branches.

In a few words to tree-prune is to remove branches from a tree selectively. The ultimate objective of the task is to remove the branches to improve the tree’s structure by giving him a new healthy growth.

Tree Pruning Muro Tree

The main advantages from tree pruning are the following:

  • That it reduces density by removing the limbs to their branch of origin.
  • Reduces a tree’s height or width with the size management method.
  • Clears out dead, damaged or diseased limbs to maintain the health of the tree and gives it the desired look.

Difference With Tree Trimming

The main difference between tree trimming and tree pruning is the objective that each different task has. The pruning intends to keep the plant healthy by taking the diseased branches and spurring growth out, while the tree trimming is mainly aesthetic: it gives shape to the tree top and relieves stress on the plant that was generated via overgrowth.

The techniques needed to perform each different service utilize different equipment and are carried out at different stages of the year. The term trimming normally refers to the maintenance of small shrubs or hedges, while pruning applies to trees and shrubs.

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