Tree Removal

Many people consider their backyards a safe space, where they can relax and maybe find the peace of mind that their jobs or the inside of their houses is not giving them. Unfortunately, a tree that gets old or diseased, can suddenly become a threat to your house, family and yard because of its instability. The best way to secure the place and keep everyone safe is to hire a professional. Fortunately for you, that is what Muro Tree Services does.

We are an independent tree services provider that offers a wide range of tree reparations, including planting, trimming and pruning, along with stump removal and grinding and brush clearing around the San Gabriel area and surrounding Los Angeles counties. In addition to that, we fundamentally also provide tree removal services. Find out more about how this process works in the next few lines.

Signs That Tell you you Should Remove your Tree

When people get in touch with us about tree removal, they are normally right with their diagnosis. That is because you don’t have to be a professional horticulturist to detect when a tree is not looking the way it should. Although this can be noted by enthusiasts, we don’t recommend you to carry out the removal by yourself. Whenever you realize that your tree is not looking well, it is important to get a professional opinion as fast as possible. There is a high chance that the branches begin to fall if you don’t take care of the problem when you should. If you are no expert when it comes to observing when a tree is not looking good, here’s a list with some signs that might help you identify when you need to remove a tree:

Tree Removal Muro Tree
  • The tree is not growing like it should.
  • The tree has large branches that look dead.
  • The trunk has some cracks, or even splits.
  • The tree begins to lean towards a side.
  • There are signs of hollowness in the trunk.
  • Sprouts begin to emerge surrounding the base.
  • The tree shows signs of infection. This includes a wide array of items that include from discolored leaves up to fungus all over the tree.
  • The tree is growing under power lines or too close to the house or neighbor structures.
  • The roots seem decolorated

When you notice any of these signs it doesn’t necessarily mean that the tree is going to need to be removed. It does mean that you will need to call a professional to take the bull by the horns, if you allow us to say. If you are in the San Gabriel Area or Los Angeles proximity, Muro Tree Services is the place to go. Call us today at (626) 300-1066 to arrange a visit or for a free estimate about how much it would cost you.

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